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It's time to win rewards just by walking.

Our application is free, open-source and a new way to see how you move across your city.

We are the winners of the Brazilian edition of Climathon 2019

Winner of Brazilian edition of Climathon 2019
About us!
A person walking with your smartphone

About us

An application about walk

This idea was born in Climathon in 2019. We are a team of 5 people that designed a solution to reduce the impacts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We aim to do it by engaging our users to walk or use alternative/public transport more than the individual car. Our application will give users points for every step they take or for every kilometer made with alternative/public transport, and those points can be traded for rewards, such as discounts. Those rewards will come from our partners. Our partners are local stores and with our platform, they will be able to increase their sales by tagging their commerce on a map. Those tagged areas give our users more points, calling their attention to local stores and encouraging them to visit the stores. It makes the local economy grow, improves users' health and increases urban vitality.

A person walking with your smartphone